Gender Strategy Advancement International

was founded and incorporated in 2018 with the vision of becoming a leading resource platform for driving policy interventions for improving the plights, participation, experience and inclusion of women, girls and persons with disabilities in Nigeria. Our mission is to be the first point platform of engagement with policy makers, institutions, NGOs, LNGOs, other development sector actors, private and public organizations to key into gender mainstreaming across all sectors with deliberate attention to the need for women’s role in elections, politics, governance and leadership and also x-ray government policies that are harmful to women.

Who we are

Gender Strategy Advancement International is a women-led non-profit organization working in the area of women’s rights, equal opportunity for women, increased women’s participation in governance and leadership, increased gender friendly policies, increased visibility for women and advancement of women voices in the civic space. Using advocacy, research, content development and media as a tool, we design and implement programmes and interventions towards behavioural change, opinion moulding and reorientation amongst others, and to promote women’s participation in community development within Nigeria.

Women with Disabilities

We also focus on the need to bridge the gap for women with disabilities and also bring to the fore issues as the affect women who’s vices are often alienated in the conversations as it concerns them.

Often times Mental health is only seen from those that are visible but often times it is not as there also invisible disabilities such as mental health and this a branch of disability often ignored and we focused on bringing inclusion for these categories of women and girls who have struggled, strived and live with mental health.

Mainstreaming those and finding recourse to participation in the social system with the support to live healthy and wholesome lives.

Our core values are Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and accountability

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